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Epping Forest Recycling Rewards launched in autumn 2017 to reward residents of selected blocks of flats in the District for their recycling efforts. When residents recycle more they earn Green Points for their community, with nine communities competing across Epping Forest District to earn the most points. 

As part of the scheme we will be giving away a minimum of £1,750 to local charities and community projects every year. The four communities with the most Green Points after a year will win a donation for their favourite local charity, with £700 for first place, £500 for second place, £325 for third place and £175 for fourth.

Residents can vote at any time for the charity or community project they would like to support. 

In the first year of the scheme, Epping Forest Recycling Rewards is supporting:

  • Epping Forest Community Transport
  • Chigwell Riding Trust
  • Epping Forest Food Bank
  • Safer Places

While these projects have been set for the first year, we would still like to hear from local charities and community projects that want to get involved in the scheme in the future. If your charity or community project would like to be contacted when we are accepting applications please email us at [email protected]. Similarly, if you would like any more information about how the scheme works then please get in touch. 

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